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For the prevention and treatment of fungal nails

The Patented Fungalix Forte ® is an effective spray against all kinds of fungal infections.

The spray makes the skin and nails clean, nourishes and contains caring ingredients.
An effective formula since 2004!

A unique formula and easy to use.
Fungalix Forte ® is a patented product that is unique because of its formula that also works the skin and the nails matrix. The spray is easy and hygienic in use.

Instant relief for heavy legs during pregnancy

A musthave for every soon to be mama.

The Prenalinda gel stimulates the blood circulation to quicker ease discomforts and gives a relaxing and soothing feeling. Because of this element, the gel helps in case of cramps and heavy legs and feet.

The blood circulation is a transport system for waste products that originate in case of discomfort such as cramp or a heavy feeling in legs and feet. A successfull product since 2006.

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